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This informational website has been designed to provide clear communication, facts, and answers to questions for Grove Isle owners and residents regarding the construction of the new building located on the east side of the Island. This site is also intended to present clear and concise facts from the source and to dispel any rumors or misinformation regarding the new development and the Grove Isle Club.

There have been a number of questions raised by some about the Club and Four Grove Isle.
Regrettably, a few residents have raised their voices so loudly that it has become vitriolic and has led to confusion and the perpetuation of misinformation.  The management group could have closed the Club and tennis facilities.  Instead, it has chosen to be a good neighbor and to subsidize the operation for the benefit and enjoyment of the community.
A fight has been threatened by a newly formed Preserve Grove Isle committee and Grove Isle is once again on the threshold of expending precious budget dollars for legal fees.  This fight, should it occur, would only serve to benefit one small portion of residents who do not want to lose their unobstructed view.  However, this land can and will be legally developed.
If it reaches the point where common ground cannot be found, the new owners will surely reconsider their decision to operate the Club and tennis facilities, and return the legal challenge.   On the other hand, there are a number of benefits they could bring to the Island in addition to restoring its privacy and exclusivity.

The Preserve Grove Isle committee would like you to believe that all of the 510 owners at Grove Isle are on their side.  This is completely false!  There are many owners who are in favor of the long-term benefits of the new development.  We urge you to communicate with the Board and let them know that the actions of a few should not work to the detriment of the entire Island.
Many untrue statements are being made and circulated.  You can email us your comments or questions directly. We urge you to get accurate answers.

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